One company, his story.

Operating in the field of classic furniture since 1961, Silik has always proposed superior collections of period furniture. It draws from the splendors of times gone by, bringing them back to life in modern interior design projects for atmospheres of unrivaled glamour, thanks to the skilful ability of the most expert craftsmen. The inspiration for each product, from voluptuous Baroque to ineffable Louis XVI, results in charming atmospheres in which comfort and elegance are deployed in a vast decorative range and evident in the precious traditional craft skills. Those skills go hand in hand with the most advanced production technology.

A classic flavour:
Silik furniture speaks the language of style

Extraordinary designs from old palaces and castles are reproduced for today’s finest homes, marrying the philosophy that excellence is not limited to an era or style, and believing that true elegance and luxury are timeless and able to span cultures, centuries and lifestyles. With the focus on flexibility, customization, and an even richer pallet of current finishes, fabrics, and decorations, Silik offers classic style furnishing solutions that are capable of molding any object to meet the most varied needs of its clients. Architects and designers of European renown have designed the clear and harmonious lines of Silik furniture exclusively for the company.

Highly specialized staff have fitted and perfected the materials to the production requirements and subjected them to special ultramodern treatments in order to endow then with airy and classically beautiful shapes. Silik’s skilled workers are chosen from among the best in the business. Silik has reached an international dimension in the classic furniture sector. This has been confirmed by prestigious contacts which have made it possible to carry out exclusive projects and to reinforce the winning mentality of the company which has led to the success of “Made in Italy” products all over the world.

Company architecture the factory and its unique territory.

The company is based in Cantù, the so called “City of furniture”

Because of the tradition of furniture production and design that for centuries characterizes the city and its surrondings, it is still the place where it is possible to find the most skilled craftmen able to realize the most refined furniture pieces, both, in classic and contemporary style.

The headquarter 14.000 sqm where all the different departments of the company are based.

Industrial production process

The production area shows a constant research of new technologies and innovative machines to allow the most organized processes that guarantee the best quality results for the products.

Moulding machines and advanced technologies are used to realize all decorative parts, made of special new material that is combined with wood.

Manual finishing process

On the other hand the finishing process is entirely manual: all products show refined and precious finishes, skilled craftsmen of Cantù, who pass down their art and passion from generation to generation, give their excellent contribution to the products making it a unique work of art.

All finishings require specialized skill and artistic attitude of the dedicated people: from gold and silver leaf to hand paintings and color shading, from white patinated to craquele polychromed, from craquele’ painted with gilted profiles to gold leaf with polychromies.

Domestic and international distribution network