Custom-made products
and large-scale projects


Supported by the technical department, is able to interact with architects and designers in order to provide custom made products and finishes to meet project requirements. International architects and designers usually enquire at Silik or Creazioni the specified models and work closely with the contract division in order to meet their requirements in terms of products, finishes and prices. Hotels public areas, like ballrooms, lobbies, meeting rooms and corridors are the preferred destination of both Silik and Creazioni products, with chairs, sofas, armchairs, tables
and also accessories like cabinets, shelves, mirrors, consoles, small tables. Chairs and armchairs are used in restaurants, clubs, conference rooms, cruise ships living areas and restaurants. Silik and Creazioni products also decorate fashion and jewels shops all over the world, giving a touch of personality to each contest. For our catalogue collection and for eventual “made to measure” products , 3d drawings are available for professionals on specific projects. The quality system of the company is certified by the ISO 9001 standard.

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