Proof of authenticity technology

Protecting our ideas

Since more than 50 years at SILIK we design and manufacture unique pieces of quality furniture according to personal wishes of our customers.

All our pieces of furniture are unique and manufactured according to traditional Italian craftsmanship combined with the most innovative production technologies.


In order to protect our customers from forgery we recently decided to label all our products with Kr-tex serialized labels produced by the Swiss company named Kryptino.

Patented weaving and printing technology make Kr-tex labels impossible to reproduce and therefore give to each article a guaranteed identity.

How it works

All Kr-tex labels are integrated into a cloud database which permits us to track your products through the supply chain and to detect any copies.

When a piece of furniture is completed we apply a Kr-tex label to it and we allocate into our cloud database its detailed description and the name of its owner.

Checking the
 authenticity with
 QR Code

For checking if the furniture is authentic please look for the kr-tex label and scan the QR Code with a mobile phone. Your browser will publish all the information related to the piece of furniture including an image of the original label.

If the description of the furniture is correct and the published image of the label is identical to the one of the scanned labels it is likely that the piece of furniture is an authentic SILIK. In the case of one of these conditions is not fulfilled, or in the case of any problems, please contact immediately our headquarters in Italy.